Clock Number 1

Clock 1This project is divided into parts.
Part 1. This is the Brian Law clock that was never going to go for more than eight to ten hours because that is the length of time it takes the 7 pound weight to reach the floor. After that, the wire holding the weight had to be rewound. A master wooden wheeled clockmaker who saw this clock said that there were two things that would prevent it from working properly.One is the size of the escape wheel and the other is the difficulty of making efficient wooden pallets.
The same clock with some modifications including replacement of the weight with an electromagnet.Part 2. This is to modify the clock to run using an electromagnetic coil. This involved replacing the escape wheel with a count wheel and reducing the original three sixty teeth wheels with one sixty four teeth wheel and one sixty teeth wheel. The details of this magnetic system and the slot switch that controls it are covered in detail elsewhere.

Now that the movement has been “electrified” I needed a case to mount it in. This case is 1500mm high and I call it my grandmother case because it is not tall enough to be a grandfather case. Sides are stained Jarrah back is pine.



This is the completed grandmother clock. A marble tile has been cut to provide highlights between the glass doors.

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