Clock Number 3

Clock 3This was the first attempt at clock 3. The movement is the same as clock 2 but I was never happy with the top which looked out of balance to me. Nor was I happy with the dial which had numbers cut from Jarrah stock using a scroll saw glued to a brass dic.
IMG_0030 (2)This is the first stage of the modification process. I replaced the traditional shaped roof with my preferred flattened construction.  I thought I would now  be happy with the clock but the dial still looked wonky to me. While I understand the inclinations of wood artists to make different sorts of dials it I still important to be able to live with whatever you have created over time. By now my preference for a traditional dials with roman numerals was starting to firm up.
IMG_1637The final modification and I am now happy to leave it as it is. The traditional dial with roman numerals is easy to read. It is encased with a gold plated brass ring which was a reject from a boat’s porthole. It achieves my original objective, that is an accuracy of between 1 to 2 minutes a week. It now sits on one side of my computer.
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