In the beginning…


Apparently it was Confucius who first said that every journey begins with a single step and that was certainly my experience.

After we had settled into our home after the move to Brisbane from Perth my first priority was to build a workshop. I had learned a lot from the workshop I had in Perth and it was obvious that getting a builder in was pretty much out of the question. So after a lot of thought and some careful budgeting I applied for an owner builders licence and was introduced to the world of sub contracting. It took a tic over two months to construct this 7m by 5m workshop which has a metal frame and bricks that match the house.

Owner Builder

It was a less complicated exercise than I was expecting. Initially I did a rough estimate of the cost which was just under the limit for that sort of licence and submitted an application to the local council. After it was approved I got a local draughtsman to draw up a set of plans which I used to get quotes for the jobs I could not do myself. This included a concreter to do the floor followed by a metal framing factory to make the frame (which they installed on the slab as part of the contract) I then found a brickie to lay the bricks and a tiler to do the roof. When it was water proof I found an electrician to connect it to my meter. Stephen and I dug the 30 meter by 600mm trench for the cable in the Redlands clay and Clinton helped me do the guttering. Other jobs like downpipes, woodwork for cupboards and doors, plastering and the veranda I did myself. I was a bit younger then.

Observations about equipment.

When I built my workshop I had not even thought about the idea of making clocks. As it turned out, like most woodturners who have  been turning for a while, I already had enough equipment to make a wooden wheeled clock.


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