Clock Number 5

IMG_0126This is Clock 5. It is a radical departure from the previous four in a number of respects. At 400mm high it is two thirds the size of the last three clocks. The pendulum length is 9.78 inches the Centre wheel has 96 teeth and the Third wheel has 80 teeth.To achieve this I had to do learn how to work with metal.
IMG_0094This is the base turned from Jarrah. Before I drilled the holes for the six posts, I attached the top with hot melt glue to ensure that they top and the base line up. After the holes were drilled I just removed the hot melt glue.
IMG_0093This is the top of the case turned to fit the top of the clock frame. Post holes have not yet been drilled.
IMG_0096Posts now in place.
IMG_0005Brass blank mounted. Ready to start cutting teeth. The brass blank is 3mm.
IMG_0010Cutting underway. I am using a 1.5 module PP Thornton cutter.
IMG_0020My intention is to lighten the wheel by cutting a rim of teeth which I will then mount onto a wooden former. The blank has been mounted on my metal face plate using a series of clamps I cobbled together myself.
IMG_0021Cutting is now underway. I have modified my metal lathe to include a variable speed control for the motor. The turning speed is very slow and I am cutting the brass at an exceptionally slow feed rate both because of safety concerns and also because my medium sized lathe is operating pretty much at the limits of its capacity.
IMG_0023Cutting is now complete with the ring of teeth ready for mounting.
 IMG_0037Wheel centres complete. Ready for crossing out.
IMG_0100Wheels completed.
IMG_0104Wheels and down shafts ready for mounting.
IMG_0106Basic construction now in place.
IMG_0056Turning pendulum bob. Approximately 200 grams of lead sealed inside.
IMG_0966One of the benefits enjoyed by home designing wood turners is that they get the opportunity to evaluated what they have done and if they are not entirely happy they can then modify it. That is what has happened here. The original dial was too small and the brass background made it difficult to actually tell the time. So I have replaced the dial and taken the opportunity to include a 2 second hand as a simple point of interest.
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