Clock Number 2

Clock 2This is the first clock I designed myself. It is powered by an electromagnetic coil that is controlled by a slot switch.The wheel blanks were made from marine ply which was then veneered with Red Cedar and treated with Hemple 599. This is a 4 to 1 epoxy that soaks into the timber and binds the wood fibers to resemble a polymer. Products like this are extensively used in wooden boat building. Once the epoxy hardens, the teeth can then be cut with a router. The wheels are 200mm. Another first is the pendulum length at 14.09 inches with clock train of 2 x 80 teeth wheels 2 x 8 leaved pinions and a 30 teeth count wheel. It is the length of the pendulum that dictates the minimum size of the clock. My objective even at this stage was to make smaller clocks. This one is about 600mm high. It is made from Jarrah.
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