Clock Number 6

IMG_0197This has been on of my more successful clocks. Time keeping is pretty good and the only thing I felt the need to change was the dial. It stands about 350mm high and has an 8.59 inch pendulum. Centre wheel is 96 teeth and the third wheel has 80 teeth. It has a 30 teeth count wheel and operates at 128 vibrations per minute.
IMG_1761This is the finalised clock 6 with a new dial. I have what is apparently an artistic desire to create a fancy dial but the old clock masters knew a thing or two and it is far more important to have a dial that is easy to read. All my dials will be roman numerals on a light to white background in future.
IMG_0190This gives some idea bare bones of the clock as it is progressing. The timber is Sheoak for the base and the top with Black Wattle pillars with Sheoak inserts. The traditional approach to clock wheels is to cross them out, that is to say to cut spokes in them. But for me, part of the attraction of skeleton clocks like this the timber itself so I opted to try veneering brass with red cedar veneer. I used Superglue and it has never showed any sign of moving. Red Cedar is a very soft and open grained timber and often difficult to get a finish on. However the veneer I have used is .6mm thick and the glue has actually served two purposes. It has attached the timber to the brass and also soaked through to harden the timber and make it easier to finish.
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